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Love from non-profits

Dovetail looks fantastic too, we'll definitely be using that!
Headshot of Lily Walsworth

Lily Walsworth

Digital Content Editor
It is not an exaggeration to say I use the platform weekly whilst trying to find decent partners to work with Wildlife Trusts on new projects.
Headshot of Alice Kershaw

Alice Kershaw

Head of Digital Transformation
The Wildlife Trusts
The Wildlife Trusts
There are so many agencies out there so it's great to have a curated selection that you know will understand the needs of a charity digital project.
Headshot of Ruth Davies

Ruth Davies

Digital & Communications Manager
I've been using this a couple times recently and it's an excellent resource, thank you!
Headshot of Seb Baird

Seb Baird

Digital Manager
Time to Change
Time to Change
Wow Dovetail is so great, what a brill way to compare and contrast, thanks so much.
Headshot of Christina Watson

Christina Watson

Head of Business Development
UK Youth
UK Youth
Dovetail has been SUPER useful! Definitely would have found it so much harder without it.
Headshot of George Matson-Phippard

George Matson-Phippard

Digital Lead
Rape Crisis England & Wales
Rape Crisis England & Wales